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Attorney Richard R. Uslan provides legal services in New Jersey for the following areas.

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Driving While Intoxicated (DWI); Drunk Driving Tickets; DWI Refusal Charges; Breath Testing; Second (2nd) or Third (3rd) Offense DWI; DWI with Jail; Driving While Intoxicated; Driving Under the Influence (DUI); Alcohol-related Driving charges; Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana, Pot, Marihuana, Weed.  Drug/CDS DWI; DUI prescription medication; Sleep Driving DUI; Ambien® Defense; Sleeping Pill DWI; Driving Under Influence of CDS/Drugs; DWI or DUI by minor/child; Underage Drunk Driving; Drunk Driving Accident; DUI with Injuries or Death; Blood Tests; Whole Blood; Serum Blood; Gas Chromatography; Mass Spectroscopy; DWI or Drugs within 1,000 feet of School Zone; Breath Tests; Urine Tests; Active and Non-active Metabolites; Alcotest; 20 minute observation /deprivation period; Involuntary DWI; Common-law Pathological Intoxication Defense; Involuntary Intoxication; Common-law Necessity Defense; Breathalyzer Tests; SFST; Field Sobriety Tests; Psycho-physical tests; DWI Road Tests; DWI Roadblock; Commercial License DWI; CDL DUI or DWI; DWI Surcharge; Challenge to Operation in DWI; Probable Cause to Stop for Drunk Driving; PCR; Post-Conviction Relief; Speedy Trial; Step-down sentence; Refusal to Submit Breath; DRE; Drug Recognition Expert; Drug Recognition Evaluator; K-9 Dog; Data Download; RFI; Temperature Probe; Repair Records; Boating DWI; Boating DUI; Core Foundational Documents; “Precision” Argument; Ignition Interlock Device; 4th Degree Criminal Driving While Suspended; N.J.S.A. 2C:40-26.

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NJ Suspended or Revoked License

Driving While Suspended; Driving While Revoked; License Suspension Ticket; Revoked Driver’s License; CDL Suspension; Suspended Registration; Suspended for Surcharges; out-of-state license suspension; 4th Degree Criminal Driving While Suspended; N.J.S.A. 2C:40-26; foreign country license;  fraudulent license; Fraud; Fraudulent ID; DWI suspension; NJMVC; NJ Motor Vehicle Commission; Division of Motor Vehicles; NJDMV; NJ DMV Suspension Hearings; Failure to pay surcharges; late payment of surcharge; non-payment of surcharge; suspension from Drugs or CDS; probationary license; Defense Driving Class; Unlicensed Driver; reexamination; medical license review; NJ Motor Vehicle Hearing;  Driving Permit; FTA; missed court date suspension; unpaid ticket suspension; Failure to Appear in Court; Suspension due to Arrest Warrant or Bench Warrant; Suspension from unpaid child support; child support arrears suspension; VISA expiration suspension; Second (2nd) or Third (3rd) Driving Suspension; Repeat Offenders; failure to receive notice of suspension; Motor Vehicle Letter; NJ Scheduled Suspension; NJ Order of Suspension; suspension hearings; Driver’s License Restoration; Persistent Violator – Excessive Points; obtaining NJ License; restoring NJ License.

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NJ Tickets – NJ Motor Vehicle Violations – NJ Moving Violations

Speeding; 65 MPH zone; Safe Corridor; Motor Vehicle Point Violations; Careless or Reckless Driving; Leaving the Scene of Accident; Leaving Accident Scene with Property Damage or Injury; Passing School Bus; Tailgating; Following too Closely; Racing; Improper Passing; Driving the Wrong-Way; Unsafe Lane Change; Emergency Vehicle; Failure to Stop or Yield; Unlicensed Driver; insurance point violations; No Insurance; Driving While Suspended; Revoked License; out-of-state driver violations; Transfer of Points; restoring license; point removal; driving history review; Repeat Offenders; Plea-Bargaining; Point Reduction; Defense Driving Class.

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NJ Drug Crimes and Offenses

Controlled Dangerous Substsances (CDS); Possession of Drugs or CDS; Possession with Intent to Distribute Drugs; Blood Tests; Whole Blood; Serum Blood; Gas Chromatography; Mass Spectroscopy; Metabolites; Being Under the Influence of Drugs; Sale or Distribution of CDS or Drugs; Cultivation or Growing of Marijuana; Possession of Marijuana; Possession of Hashish; Possession of Cocaine; Possession of Ecstasy; Ketamine; Possession of Pills; Possession of Pharmaceuticals without Prescription; Possession of Xanax or Prescription Medication; Ambien or Sleeping Pills; Drugs in School Zone; Drug-Induced Death; Conditional Discharge; NJ PTI; NJ Pre-trial Intervention Program; NJ Diversionary Program; PCR; Post-Conviction Relief; “plain-view”; “plain-smell”; exigent circumstances; probable cause to arrest.

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NJ Name Changes

NJ Change of Name after Divorce; Change of Name for Children; Name Change for Business Reasons; Name Change for Personal Preference; NJ Change of Last Name or First Name; Name Change to Correct Birth Certificate; Name Change due to Typographical or Clerical Error or Mistake.

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NJ Expungements

Segregation / Removal of NJ Criminal Record, Mug Shot, Fingerprints, DNA Samples; “ Erase ” Criminal Conviction or Arrest; NJ Expungment; NJ Expungement of Adult Records; NJ Expungement of Juvenile Records; NJ Expungement of Records of Child or Minor; NJ Expungement of Crimes. NJ Expungement of Offenses; NJ Expungement of Ordinance Violations; NJ Expungement for Dead Person; Expungement by Executor or Administrator of Decedent; Expungement after Death.

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NJ Juvenile Crimes and Offenses

NJ Juvenile Plea Hearings; NJ Juvenile Pretrial and Trial Hearings; Confidential Juvenile Court Hearings; NJ Juvenile Disposition Hearings; NJ Juvenile Restitution Hearings; Expungement of Juvenile Arrest or Conviction; NJ Juvenile Deferred Disposition Hearing; NJ Juvenile Conference Committee; NJ JCC; NJ Juvenile Violation of Probation.

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NJ Shoplifting and NJ Theft Crimes

Stealing or theft from Store or Mall; Shoplifting by employee; Under-ring at cash register;  Change or removal of Label;  concealment or hiding of property, goods, merchandise; Store Loss Prevention Officer; alteration of store label; possible jail with shoplifting; repeat shoplifters; Second (2nd) or Third (3rd) shoplifting conviction.

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NJ Crimes

4th Degree Criminal Driving While Suspended; N.J.S.A. 2C:40-26; Crimes; CDS Crimes; Possession with Intent to Distribute Drugs; Distribution of CDS or Drugs; Conspiracy to Obtain CDS or Drugs; Assault; Harrassment; Prostitution; Gambling; Terroristic Threats; Assault by Auto; Eluding the Police; Escape; False Reports; CDS/Drugs in School Zone; Forfeiture of Public Offense; Misconduct in Office; Bribery; Loitering; Crimes with Domestic Violence; Business Crime; Embezzlement; Crimes by Public Officials; White Collar Crimes; Theft; Shoplifting; Homicide; Murder; Robbery; Kidnapping; Bench Warrants; Rape; Sex Crimes; Megan’s Law; Gun or weapons possession;  Gun Charges; Contempt of Court; Violation of Probation Hearings; Parole Violation Hearings; Disorderly Persons Offenses; Petty Disorderly Persons Offenses; Gun and Rifle Permits; Fake ID; NJ Drug Court; ISP; Intensive Supervision Program; NJ PTI; NJ Pre-trial Intervention Program; NJ Conditional Discharge; NJ Supervisory Treatment; Diversionary Program; Presumption Against Incarceration; Self-Defense; Entrapment; Speedy Trial; Double Jeopardy; Plea-Bargaining.

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NJ Offenses and Ordinance Violations

NJ Disorderly Persons Offenses; NJ Petty Disorderly Person’s Offenses; Township and City Ordinance Violations; Plea-Bargaining; Underage Possession of Alcohol in Car; ATRA; Alcohol Treatment and Recovery Ac.

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NJ Domestic Violence – NJ Harassment – NJ Assault

TRO; Temporary Restraining Orders; Final Restraining Orders; wife-beating; harassment; Domestic Violence Complaints.

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